The IPT Product Certification Body was created to combine the vast and plural excellence of the Institute's 39 laboratories, in addition to more than 120 years of work at the service of São Paulo and Brazil technology and development.

With the privileged connection with several businesses sectors in the country, the opportunity to create an accreditation body at the Institute was understood. Uniting the technical excellence of the IPT laboratories, new parameters were created for some of the technological solutions already practiced by the Institution. Thus, the excellence of IPT would also be used for a new step, helping to consolidate the safety and effectiveness of these products for the market.

What is a Certification?

Certification is a process in which a third party body assesses whether a particular product or service meets a technical standard, based on management system audits, the production process, complaints handling, sample collection and product testing in qualified laboratories.

When in compliance, certification is granted to the company, which is able to use the IPT's certification logotype on they certified products, guaranteeing consumers that the production is controlled and the product meets a certain technical standard.
The certification of a product can be related to Performance, Safety, Health and Environment. The certification process is classified as Voluntary or Compulsory.

Visual identity

Corporate identity





Visual Concept

To create a visual identity that is relevant and also easy to recognize among other classic and relevant certification brands, it was essencial making an extensive research of national and international cerfitication related companies, and I studied the mandatory standards and technical legal details.


The main goal was to embody the entire identity of the IPT's corporate universe with a close eye to details, legibility and proper application on product labels and surfaces.


Logotype versions:

IPT OCP logotype was designed aiming different application platforms,

both for printed certificates and for the certification labels attached

to the physical products. Legibility tests were implemented

in all versions of the logotype, in addition to other

regulatory certification body logotypes, respecting

the application rules of these organizations.


Certificate versions:

There are two types of certification: Mandatory and Voluntary.

To distinguish these categories, I used the main colors on IPT's logo, using the graphic characteristics already known to the

Institute's visual identity.


Compulsory certification is regulated by law or ordinance.

Mandatory products only can be marketed after certification.

In voluntary certification, the decision is made by the

manufacturer or importer, who seeks to add value to its product

using the IPT's brand, thus, representing a competitive industry advantage in relation to its competitors.


Product labels:

In mandatory and voluntary certifications, there were many important and relevant technical details that shows the relevance and quality

of the products. This required the application of some details, such

as watermarks, codes of certifiers and requesting company, linking security to the material. In this part, I used the main visual identity of IPT's logo, thus, closing a solid corporate communication.


Ficha Técnica

Coordinator of IPT's Corporate

Communication Advisory: Guilherme Mariotto

Graphic project: Marina Nunes

IPT Product Certification Body Team: Miguel Papai Jr., Rima Yeda.